Services & Expertise

Specialists in raising finance on all types of properties, we offer a bespoke service to our clients, both investors and developers, who are able to take advantage of our detailed and extensive market knowledge. The wide variety of lenders with whom we have contact enables us to refine a requirement so that borrower and lender alike can be in a position to act quickly and with confidence to complete a transaction.

Assessing your needs

From the moment that we receive an initial enquiry, provided we have adequate details of the proposition, we will be able to gauge the extent to which we can assist our clients. The detailed terms will then be subject to all the normal due diligence such as valuation, legal and, if considered necessary, structural and environmental surveys.

Lending Terms

The precise terms which we will obtain from the lenders will not only reflect the current market forces at the time but also our established relationship with the various lending institutions where we have normally had dealings for a considerable amount of time and often on a daily basis. This has become invaluable in a market with liquidity constraints.

Fees paid by clients

Our fees are paid by our clients and are contingent on successful drawdown of the facilities arranged, unless otherwise negotiated.